Tuesday , June 28 2022

Giant Flower Sculptures At The Bloemencorse Flower Festival

Pictures from the Bloemencorse Flower Festival

The Bloemencorse flower festival in Zundert, Netherlands will seriously make your jaw drop – I for one was completely blown away! Every year since 1936, scores of volunteers bundle their efforts to build the most dazzling floral floats full of flawless Dahlias – a perennial plant that is native to Mexico. This is what they came up with this year.

This year’s theme was inspired by native born Vincent Van Gogh. Last year’s theme was pretty magnificent too – if you’ve got a soft spot for flowers combined with art.

The flowers on each float are put together just a week before the parade (as the Dahlias can only remain fresh for so long), which was held last Sunday September 6th.

During the Zundert Flower Parade, the town pulls out all the stops, with all kinds of music and theatre for the crowd’s enjoyment.

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