Thursday , July 16 2020


The REAL Meanings Of Some Words

Every word has a definition, but they aren’t always what we mean when we say them. For example, I might have said “I’ll do that right away, honey,” but what I really meant was, “I will forget whatever you asked me to do the moment this show ends.” This fun …

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8 Surprising Advantages Of Going Bald

Hair loss and going bald is one of the scariest worries men have. The strands of hair found on the pillow, the small patches of hair that continue to grow – all these are a real source of anxiety for many men. But the loss of hair and going bald …

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A Bizarre Cemetery Restaurant In India

Bizarre cemetery restaurant where diners sit with DEAD people In a land like India, where life and death intertwine so naturally, and reincarnation is such an important part of religion, what better place to build a restaurant than in the middle of an old Muslim cemetery? They say the milky …

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