Tuesday , June 2 2020


How The World Celebrated Christmas 2016

Crowds of people celebrate Christmas at shopping area in Central, Hong Kong where is full of festive decorations. Young girls taks selfie near a “Christmas Snow Hill Town” at a shopping mall in Chennai. Children dress up as Santa Claus ahead of Christmas at a celebration at a school in …

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10 Indian Marriage Customs That Need To Be Banned

Indian weddings are a beautiful, soulful yet tedious affair, filled with ancient traditions and rituals which claim to bond the husband and wife for the next 7 lives. But then, while some of these traditions are beautiful and meaningful, some of the others are dated. Keeping up with the times, …

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Giant Flower Sculptures At The Bloemencorse Flower Festival

Pictures from the Bloemencorse Flower Festival The Bloemencorse flower festival in Zundert, Netherlands will seriously make your jaw drop – I for one was completely blown away! Every year since 1936, scores of volunteers bundle their efforts to build the most dazzling floral floats full of flawless Dahlias – a …

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8 Unusual Regional Festivals Celebrated In India

Being at festivals is like standing inside the mind of a culture as it dreams. They have the ability to be both extremely intimate and public spectacles at the same time. And in India there is no scarcity of festivals. Being such a diverse nation in all possible aspects, festivals …

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