Friday , August 12 2022

Amazing Sculptures Created With Hundreds Of Thousands Of Nails

I am a sculptor of the human physique and I use nails to create my sculptures. These artworks take me weeks, sometimes even months to finish and I use thousands of nails.

I translate my ideas onto large white wooden panels by hammering the nails at varying heights and distances to create the tone and texture. The majority of my ‘nail sculptures’ are representations of the human form. My figurative interest is in the lines we create. It was only natural I would move towards seeking out dancers whose ability to strike beautiful poses was exactly what I was trying to capture.

My original idea was to utilise the nails to create other, more abstract sculptures, but it struck me that the interplay between the rigid, angular nails and the soft curves of the human torso, would be more striking. It took me a few years of working figuratively before I could finally afford the time to embrace other more contemporary ideas and I made a very clear move to encompass my love of non-representational ideas, my latest work is in stark contrast to my figurative sculptures.

My large monumental work embraces the sense of touch and the abstract and I try to use the nails sensitively along with other materials such as Oak, COR-TEN, stainless steel, and stone. Light also plays an integral role in my work and I have to work with the idea that the very essence of the sculpture changes depending on how it is lit.

I have also created few portraits of famous people and I was very lucky to meet them in real life.

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Dominic North

Oak Sensory Sculpture detailed close up

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