Sunday , December 4 2022

Transformable 309 Sq ft Smart Home

Hong Kong-based architects LAAB have just completed an incredible home that maximizes every inch of this 309 sq ft (28.7 sq m) flat in Hong Kong’s Central district.

The clients had a long wish list that included: full kitchen, bathtub, home cinema, gym, storage—and cat-friendly features for their three furry roommates. After 40 iterations, LAAB came up with a solution that is both functional and elegant.

Hong Kong is one of the world’s most expensive cities where an average square foot costs about US$1,416. The clients, Andy Knight and Michelle Tennant, had a decision to make:

purchase a flat with about 90 more square feet, or completely redesign and renovate this 309 square foot apartment which was in the location they loved.

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