Tuesday , June 28 2022

Stunning Homes In Nature – A Better Place To Retreat To

I Cannot Think of a More beautiful Home to retreat To

As a nature lover, I would absolutely love to live in a tree house – a long-held childhood dream. Amid the forest, with the earth below me and the bright, starry sky above me, I personally cannot think of a more inviting house to come home to, particularly after browsing through these stunning tree houses.
The 15 tree houses below are a far cry from the simple wooden structures we know – they have multiple floors, look rather comfy, and some even have glass and mirror elements. Number 7 (though not a home as such) looks especially intriguing, but I could certainly imagine myself owning a retreat tree house as seen in number 5. What about you? Which of the following designs is your favorite?

1. Three Story Tree House, British Colombia, Canada

Why settle for one-story, when you could have three? This tree house is said to be the tallest in British Colombia, Canada and may be found somewhere near Revelstoke.

2. Mirror Tree House, Sweden

If you had to walk past this house, there is a good chance you may not see it – it is practically invisible. The Mirror House is part of the Tree Hotel project in the North of Sweden.

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