Tuesday , September 26 2023

America’s Oldest Mall Is Transformed Into 48 Cozy Low-Cost Micro-Apartments

Ever wanted to be locked in a shopping mall when you were a kid? Well, now you can LIVE in one if you’re based in Rhode Island. The Arcade providence, America’s first indoor shopping mall that was build in 1828, has been repurposed into a residential structure with 48 low-cost micro-lofts since it fell into decline in the late 20th century. The mall was transformed at a cost of $7 million by Northeast Collaborative Architects

Starting at $550 a month, residents can rent a one-bedroom unit from 225-800 sq. ft. Each apartment contains a kitchen, full bath with shower, built-in beds, seating and storage. There are no stoves in the units as they are designed for the people who lead busy lifestyles but the tenants can eat at freshly designed restaurants on the ground floor and enjoy vibrant evenings in a shared lounge. There’s also a shared laundry facility and a bike storage room as well as parking garage across the street. Would you live in such an apartment?

More info: arcadeprovidence.com

Built in 1828, America’s oldest shopping mall in Rhode Island was struggling to fill its commercial spaces and was doomed to be closed

But then Northeast Collaborative Architects came along and transformed it into a residential space at a cost of $7 million

The historic building now has 48 low-cost micro-lofts

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