Sunday , December 4 2022

Camping With Cats Is Just Super Fun

Ryan Carter, the creator of @campingwithdogs, is now inspiring cat lovers all over the world to go camping with their cats. They post photos of people camping with their cats on Instagram with the #campingwithcats hashtag. When the project started, the hashtag was used only 37 times, but now it has been used over 7000 times!

“However, you can’t simply attach a leash to your cat’s collar, pack an extra can of tuna and head into the woods with your little campurr,” say the authors of a similar project called “Adventure Cats.” It’s important to determine if your cat is right for this type of lifestyle. There’s a pretty awesome guide which will let you determine if your kitty is suitable.
Without further ado, “The meowntains are calling, and I must go.”- CAT

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