Monday , September 21 2020

“Alice” The World’s Most Beautiful Marble Fur Cat


Meet Alice, the adopted cat to whom the word “beautiful” simply doesn’t do justice. Just look at her posing in all of her royal fluffiness and glory – she’s the queen!

The 6-year-old Persian mix is very picky with her food and personal space. “She has a big attitude and loves attention but only on her terms!” “She doesn’t like to be stroked/carried/touched unless she approaches first.” The feline likes to flaunt her gorgeous looks by wearing collars – she even has a crystal encrusted one. She’s also quite a traveler! “She has lived in 4 countries (Saudi Arabia, Germany, the Netherlands, England) and has a passport and travels with me on the plane,” Yara explained.
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Meet Alice, the gorgeous 5-year-old Persian mix who was unwanted by her previous owners


They couldn’t keep her for unknown reasons but her new mom Yara couldn’t be happier to adopt her

And how couldn’t she? Just look at that royal fluffiness!

She has a big attitude and loves attention but only on her terms

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