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9 Of The Most Famous War Horses In History Who Won Wars And Hearts Alike


3. Reckless


This equine owned by the US military is one of the bravest of warhorses. Reckless was a great help in carrying supplies and weapons, and evacuating wounded soldiers during the Korean War. She became the talk of town when she made 51 solo trips in a single day. Due to her heroic deeds, she was selected as one of the 100 All-time American Heroes by Life Magazine.

4. Palomo

Palomo was Venezuelan military and political leader Simon Bolivar’s horse. His beauty was described at length as his tall demeanour, white colour and shiny tail were the most striking features about him. According to folk lore, once a guide told Bolívar about his wife Casilda’s dreams, in which she saw herself giving a recently born colt to a famous general as a gift. The guide did not know who Bolívar was and was surprised when he learned about his identity. Bolívar smiled and told the guide, “Tell Casilda to keep the colt for me.” This very colt then turned into a beautiful horse named Palomo.

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