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10 Animals That Will Teach You To Take It Easy

When was the last time you’ve heard the word “slow” as part of a compliment? In this rat-race world, the value of taking it easy is on a constant decline, and in some cases it can even become an insult. We try and get as much done as possible, juggle our tasks, and even then we sometimes feel we don’t have enough time to do what we actually wanted. In the animal world, things are somewhat different. While in many cases, speed is essential to survival, some animals managed to survive and even thrive thanks to their slowness. How can one explain that? Meet the 10 slowest animals that turned their lack of speed into an advantage.

1. Gila Monster – Slow and Cunning

These lizards are famous for having a tail that looks a lot their heads, making it harder for predators to know which side to attack. It is also one of few lizard species that is poisonous. The Gila monster’s unique look allows them to walk about without a constant need to search for hiding places, leaving it with more time to spend eating and sleeping.

2. Koala – Eat Less, Sleep More

It may surprise you to learn that koalas are not part of the bear family, but rather they are marsupials that spend most of their time at the tops of trees. These animals can sleep for 18 hours a day thanks to their amazing ability to get all the water they need from the eucalyptus leaves they eat. The koalas’ drinking habits are said to be the source of their names, whereby in the local indigenous language, ‘koala’ meant “no drink”.

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