Tuesday , June 28 2022

20 Gifts To Give Every Guy Friend This Christmas Season

I’ve been on a gift-giving spree since the start of this month. What can I say? December brings out the Santa Claus within me. And since I have a lot of men in my life (ain’t no surprise there, really), I got quite a bit of dope on what gifts they really want for Christmas. And interestingly enough, men are pretty good at knowing what to ask for.

If You’ve Known Him For 3 Months Or Less…

You barely know him, really. Just that you seemed to get along perfectly well since the start and you see him and you being great friends for a long time… but, let’s just focus on the now.

Alcohol Selections

Choose from the best selections of wines or whiskeys to present to your new friend this Christmas. Here’s a few options I really liked.

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